Set Your Sights High: The Road To SuperDapp’s Revolutionary Public Beta

4 min readNov 8, 2023

As we continue to innovate at the intersection of Web3 and AI, let’s take a moment to reflect on the core of what makes SuperDapp not just another secure messenger app, AI chatbot, or crypto wallet, but a disruptive platform of limitless potential. SuperDapp is envisioned as a full-fledged AI-driven application platform, transcending conventional boundaries to offer a customizable ecosystem where your needs shape the technology. Here, SuperDapp is whatever you need it to be — whether that’s a hub for secure communication, a home-base for your community that fosters its growth like never before, or a marketplace powered by our native $SUPR token. With SuperDapp, you tap into a world where possibilities are not just unlimited — they’re yours to define.

With this expansive vision in mind, we’re thrilled to share another important update quickly on the heels of our last development update, to provide a glimpse into our strategic roadmap towards a superior experience for all.

We appreciate the anticipation for SuperDapp’s Public Beta release and are immensely grateful for your unwavering support. After receiving feedback from the community and much analysis, we are excited to announce our goal to launch the first Public Beta within Q1 2024. This is more than a release window; it’s our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Why Q1 2024?

Here’s why setting this goal is a great decision for the SuperDapp ecosystem:

Innovative SocialFi Integration

In our previous update, we mentioned evaluating significant features for either the initial launch or subsequent versions. Since then, we have received independent feedback from other industry professionals. Their input validated our own private assessment. Accordingly, we’ve decided to integrate one very important primitive right from the start; an all-new SocialFi experience. This isn’t just a feature; it’s a game-changer, setting SuperDapp apart from the crowd. All together, SuperDapp’s unique take on SocialFi fosters a new kind of virality anchored in real utility and unlimited possibilities!

Groups and SocialFi capabilities

  • Robust $SUPR token incentives for driving growth of groups, sustainably benefiting KOLs (“influencers”) and followers alike
  • Custom public or private paid social groups
  • Group-specific AIDA
  • Group file sharing; images, videos, docs, etc
  • Sell/buy merchandise within groups
  • Host group events
  • Leaderboards

SuperDapp’s SocialFi experience is designed to fuel user onboarding and engagement, providing a unique blend of social and financial interaction that’s key to driving your own community’s growth and retention as well as SuperDapp’s!

Great! Give the community a peek at socialfi in the works. Not too much. Keep the secret sauce secret

Aye, Captain!

Limited preview of Groups powered by SuperDapp SocialFi

Timing is Key

We want to ensure that all of our efforts in development, marketing and business, achieve maximum effects for the SuperDapp community!

While the crypto market shows signs of recovery, we’re strategizing for a more optimal entry. Sentiment is indeed on an upward trajectory right now, but we’re aiming for a solid bull market. Releasing during a more robust market phase means better exposure and the warm welcome SuperDapp deserves.

Polished Gem Instead of Rushed Release

The decision to extend our timeline isn’t taken lightly. The additional time isn’t about waiting around; it’s about perfecting. Rather than rushing to release amidst the year-end holidays and a potentially lukewarm market, we’re focused on polishing every aspect of SuperDapp, and building plus rigorously testing the innovative SocialFi feature. This ensures we deliver a product that doesn’t just blend-in and meet expectations, but stands out and exceeds them.

In Conclusion

Anticipation is high for SuperDapp’s first public release! We assure you that this strategic decision is made with the community’s best interests at heart and the success of SuperDapp.

As always, we’re keen to keep the dialogue open. We invite you to share your thoughts and engage with us across our communication channels. Together, we’re not just building a great dapp; we’re cultivating a legacy.

Thank you for being such a big part of our story. The best chapters are yet to be written, and we can’t wait to open the gates and unleash SuperDapp in Q1 2024.

Stay tuned for more updates, and here’s to making history together!

Warm regards,

The SuperDapp Team

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